Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Directory are dead in seo?

I always here that link building is the best way to rank high on search engines. I believe that is true but most people tell you to submit your website to directories That is fine and good but look at this directories sometimes have a weird response rate taking as much as a month to get down with your submission and after that you have to wait for Google to index your site.All the time I am doing that I could be posting comments. I am not saying don't submit to directories I am just saying that it is somewhat , how should I say stupid.

So if you really want an effective way to build links I would say submit your article to digg and allow it to get on the front page and you will have like a thousand inbound links.our go find a new blogger

Monday, December 17, 2007

Create passive income the easiest way!

In this day of age everyone wants create passive income.You are asking why do everyone wants to create passive income. This is simple to create passive income is you making money without actively being involved in your job/business. Network marketing and adsense are example of things that will allow you to create passive income.But Toady I am going to talk about drop shipping the easiest way out there to create passive income. The company I want to talk about today is Salehoo one of the best companies out there as far dropshipping is involved.You can create passive income two ways through Salehoo which are ; the dropshipping aspect and the affiliate part.
With the dropshipping part all you have to do is go to Salehoo's home page sign up for account and have a website developer build your website place the products on it (make sure you use certain websites and Google Adwords for advertising) and optimize site with a couple of hundred pages of p reassemble original content and then you are own your way to making a decent living to create a stream of passive income but be sure o give it time of a least a couple years to create a consistent stream of passive income.
Next, the I have a video to teach you how the affiliate program will create passive income. I could tell but I would rather the experts tell you how Salehoo can create the perfect oppurtunity to create ongoing passive income.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Improving your Adsense conversions!

Long time since I have posted a topic but today I have a video of a world renown blogger named Chris Prillo he created a video using some else site to tell how you can optimize your adsense to increase your adsense click through rate. So watch the video and tell me your honest opinions of the info.

Monday, December 3, 2007

This will definite take you home based business to the next level

This a video that will show you what to do in a network marketing company in your first 90 days.this is the perfect mlm tool that sky rocket network marketing business to new heights.
90 Day Blitz MLM Video Training - Click here for more blooper videos