Sunday, August 19, 2007

A button a great mlm tool

I have heard a great tool for mlm prospecting is a button that tells that you are looking for three business partners. This is word of mouth at its best you can recruit and prospect individuals without even opening your mouth. This tool is the simplest tool to have an it inexpensive and you can share with all the members in your downline with a small nominal fee of course to put a little money in your pocket outside of your home based business. I think this idea is better than t-shirts because you can wear the button all the time even at your job. While the t-shirt can fad from being wash and it doesn't have any place a certain social setting like dinning at fine restaurants and uniformly jobs.So take me up and this suggestion and plus you dont have to purchase this from some company you can fin someone who designs buttons ask them to use this suggestion for you.