Thursday, August 16, 2007

mlm basic the invitation

whats up guys i am here again .wow this has been exactly week for me , I feel like million bucks but enough of that i am going to get into a into the nitty gritty of network marketing .The reason why so many in network marketing seem to fail or basically don't make ant money is they fail one important aspect the invitation the invitation is the most essential aspect about mlm if this handle the wrong it can be disastrous and stand neutral point. You are saying to yourself how can I master it you can master it in about 7 steps .
1)Be Yourself because most people like people who are not scripted but people who genuinely themselves .So try not to use a script ,just use something that fits the occasion
2)Make sure your breath is fresh and you look like you can be in position to give somebody something(dress professionally and neatly). I cant express this one enough bad breathe will completely destroy your oppurtunity mainly because know one will hear what you say ,they would just smell it and no one wants to listen to a person who looks like they have more money than them so dress professionally
3)Dont down somebody .else opportunity meaning don't something bad about somebody else mlm company .try to express what makes this company different.generally if somebody wanted to hear something about something they would have just watched the news
4)Show a general interest in your prospect meaning never use I me we or your name because like seth godin said "people don't care about you they care about themselves"meaning you should see how can you make this person life better hen what it is.
5) build re pore , re pore is something like a tiny relationship with that person . meaning you want to know a lot about the person and have a mild interest everything they are doing
6)ask questions,because the person who ask the most questions controls the conversation meaning everything they are looking for can be found in a question
7)Make sure you follow up sometimes the first impression isnt always the first contact meaning sometimes i takes more than one time meeting to mean something to a person