Monday, August 20, 2007

adsense earning potenial

"Adsense Publisher earnings range from less than $1 a day on one website to over $10,000 a day across a network of websites. The reality is that making money with Adsense has very little to do with Adsense and has everything to do with building websites that target and attract a market. Once you've got people, Adsense is made for monetizing them." This is how you make money just from traffic coming to your site

To mlm lead or not mlm lead that is the answer

A lot sites or indiviuals have bad mouth cold calling and have said it is an obsolete way of handling business, to tell the truth cold calling was never really in. There is should be no such thing as cold calling Only warm market prospecting . Getting back to leads ,these should be bought from a legit lead site, You can usually do this by asking around( A good place o ask is a for leads would be a forum) .Later on you will learn that a forum is a great mlm tool to support results. But make sure you get more than one reference. Next, make sure you call those leads asap, begin with a typical greeting and ask them question concerning their position of looking for an alternative way of making extra income. Make sure you stay in control of the conversation(you can do this by asking numerous questions that egocentric). Hopefully you are asking relevant pertaining to the persons life and try not to get too personal. Once the person starts to tell you about there life,that is a sign that yo have became a figure in their warm market . So mlm leads are good , only if the company you get it from is a company that hos people who are in dire need of an oppurtunity and Todd falcone a really documented heavy hitter in the mlm industry ,stated that "90 percent of his business was generated from leads" Meaning leads are networker's best friend". So all in all mlm leads are an prominent tool in mlm recruiting.

Mark Yarnell is one of the best in mlm

Mark Yarnell started his mlm career in 1989 with the now multi-billion dollar company Nuskin which he created a downline of nearly 300,000 distributors which spanned over into 21 countries in a matter of 11 years .Winning number humanitarian awards and getting inaugurated in network marketing hall fame .Also started the first college course in network marketing that was accredited with the help of Dr. Charles King in Chicago Illinois in 1993. Wrote Great books like My First Year in Network Marketing which sold millions all over the world and is seen as the standard book in Netwrok Marketing and also he wrote Your Best year in Network marketing whi ch is an up o date version of My First Year in network Marketing in which he talk about new techniques in mlm and shares some light on online marketing. And now coming up with the holy grail netowrk which is his finest pieces of work that summarizes every thing he knows about Network marketing. one of the phrases that stick out in my mind the most is he say's "He can teach a chimp to make a $100,000 a month in network Marketing". So if you are new or old in the game Network I would say You really must read the first two books I mention because I see them as a building foundation for any Network Marketer.