Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Niche Marketing?

What is a niche you may ask? A niche is something that directly corresponds with something else or basically something that is similar .So niche marketing is finding people who correspond with your interests or corresponds with your product. This may be the key factor why so many people are not successful in what they do. They are probably doing something that doesn't fit themselves or trying to sell things that are unrelated or useless to their customers.For example, selling a air conditioner to an Eskimo or talking about football to a nerd.Some people try to go very broad trying market something instead examining themselves and asking,what or who is related to what i am doing? So basically in niche marketing is to find people who are similar to you or people who have some sort of correlation to what you are selling. This in term will save you a lot of time ,effort and money and once niche marketing is mastered, whatever rut you were in will seemingly disappear. Here is a video to compliment what I was saying

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