Monday, August 20, 2007

To mlm lead or not mlm lead that is the answer

A lot sites or indiviuals have bad mouth cold calling and have said it is an obsolete way of handling business, to tell the truth cold calling was never really in. There is should be no such thing as cold calling Only warm market prospecting . Getting back to leads ,these should be bought from a legit lead site, You can usually do this by asking around( A good place o ask is a for leads would be a forum) .Later on you will learn that a forum is a great mlm tool to support results. But make sure you get more than one reference. Next, make sure you call those leads asap, begin with a typical greeting and ask them question concerning their position of looking for an alternative way of making extra income. Make sure you stay in control of the conversation(you can do this by asking numerous questions that egocentric). Hopefully you are asking relevant pertaining to the persons life and try not to get too personal. Once the person starts to tell you about there life,that is a sign that yo have became a figure in their warm market . So mlm leads are good , only if the company you get it from is a company that hos people who are in dire need of an oppurtunity and Todd falcone a really documented heavy hitter in the mlm industry ,stated that "90 percent of his business was generated from leads" Meaning leads are networker's best friend". So all in all mlm leads are an prominent tool in mlm recruiting.

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