Sunday, November 25, 2007

4 Methods to immensely increase your Direct Response Succcess.

Direct response marketing probably has been out as long as the postal service has been out.
Years before the internet which are times before 1995. Direct response was probably the most cost effective way of marketing other than telemarketing. Most people these days think Direct Response Marketing is absolutely ineffective now.So I am here to tell you direct response marketing is just as effective as used to be. Just the methodology of doing it has change just like a virus who gets used to a certain antibiotic.So you asking me what I need to do to get it working for e now. I would use some guerrilla marketing tactics of making such as ;

1. Avoid brochures or ANYTHING that looks expensive because when people see a brochure they associate it with selling which is not good idea.

2.Use a basic letter which probably looks like a bill ,and make sure you use tri-folding to insert the letter in the envelop.

3.Just like avoiding brochures make sure your envelope is plain or colorless Just appearing like a bill would with the clear plastic in the front

4.Make sure you have effective sell copy which should have been tested through paper classifieds or internet classified. To see response rate or conversion rate.

These four steps can allow you to pass the threshold of succeeding or failure

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